TBL Tungsten Carbide Ring black


Image of TBL Tungsten Carbide Ring black

This beautiful 8mm rings are made of strong Tungsten Carbide, allowing them to maintain their structural integrity unlike any ring on the market. Rings made out of metals such as gold and silver bend quite easily, Tungsten Carbide rings will never bend. The blue & black carbon fiber inlay gives each ring a unique look like no other.

Black Plated Domed EDITION - The Black Plated surface of the Black Domed edition of this ring is not made of Tungsten Carbide; however, the ring still has the benefit of maintaining it's structural integrity due to the Tungsten Carbide structure underneath. The Black Plate is a polished and shiny surface, not brushed. Unlike the Silver (Tungsten) EDITIONS of this ring, the Black Plated has a Domed surface.